Paperless Conferences – Using iPads

Many Companies are seeing the advantages to be had by conducting paperless conferences. We believe that there are a number of advantages:

  1. Our paperless conference app provides a single focal point for collating all conference material in one place and can be accessed prior to the event
  2. Paperless conferences are good for the environment! Whilst there is an argument that paper can be recycled, there are still limitations.Companies can exercise their corporate responsibility by lowering their paper consumption.
  3. A paperless conference app adds an extra layer of security as you don’t have to print out anything. Even if an iPad is stolen, it is password protected so that no information or material can be “stolen” from the iPad
  4. The paperless conference app eliminates the need for delegates to carry large printed conference packs. An iPad weighs less than 1kg
  5. The paperless conference app is capable of storing a vast amount of information as well as images and videos which would not be possible using paper!

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